Swimming pools

Each house has its own private outdoor swimming pool, which will be a real pleasure for the whole family and will cool you down on hot summer days.


The natural environment over which the mountain winds cross, forming the famous "wind rose" that has a beneficial effect on health and constantly provides clean and high-quality air.

Winter service

Winter service, cleans and protects roads from snowfall.

Mount Avala - symbol of Belgrade and guardian of history

Mount Avala is located 5 km from the Avala Valley complex. What Avala gives to every visitor is a fantastic view from which one of the most beautiful views not only of Belgrade but also of a good part of Šumadija. The name "Avala" comes from the word "havala" which means lookout point.
As much as 70 percent of its territory was occupied by forests, primarily beech, hornbeam, linden, cherry, sedum, licorice, acacia, while there is also a small community of black pine. More than 600 plant species have found their home here, among them are some very rare - zelenika, golden, zanovet. Although the entire mountain is dominated by deciduous trees, there is an alley of slender cypresses on both sides of the approach to the Monument to the Unknown Hero. Perhaps it was not unusual for us, but it is interesting that the seedlings of this conifer are a gift from Adolf Hitler, on behalf of the Government of Germany, to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Cypress seedlings are a symbolic gift in the name of peace and the establishment of normal relations after the end of the Great War. 
While walking in one of the meadow and forest communities, don't be surprised if you come across badgers, cuckoos, jackals, foxes, squirrels. I have to warn you to be careful because you can run into a wild boar on Avala.

Our distinguished Serbian doctor, botanist and the first president of the Serbian Royal Academy Josif Pančić in 1856, he wrote to the Popeciteljstvo Prosevčeni that: "Avala is endangered and that the flora and fauna will disappear if something is not done..." Based on that letter, Prince Miloš issued an order in 1859 to enclose Avala and thus save it from decay , and in 1936 it was declared a national park.
Mount Avala can boast of eight sources of clean water, the most famous of which are Ledinac, Sakinac, Kamenac and Vranovac. In these places, you can refresh yourself with clean spring water without thinking. The most famous source is Sakinac
 Avala is a mountain of volcanic origin and today it abounds in ores that have been mined since ancient times
Avala has been declared a sports and recreational area. Today, various sports and cultural events and competitions are held on Avala, and the most famous is the traditional camp of Serbian mountaineers from July 1st to 10th every year.
            Avala offers all visitors a multitude of activities, of which we highlight: cycling, walking, trim trails, bird watching, recreational running, recreational hiking, orienteering... And there are also historical locations that should be visited.

Avala tower

Today, the Aval Tower is one of the 5 most visited tourist attractions in Belgrade. It is 204.68 meters high and contains the Viewpoint, at 122 meters high, and the coffee bar at 119 meters. The top of the tower can be reached by elevator in about forty seconds. Statistics show that the number of visits to this place increases from year to year. The tower is open to visitors every day, except Mondays.

Monument to the Unknown Hero

Just a few minutes' walk from the Tower, there is the very top of the mountain and an alley surrounded by rich greenery that reveals another significant building - the famous Monument to the Unknown Hero at Avala. Erected in 1938 by order of King Alexander I Karađorđević is a monument to the Unknown Hero. It is located at the highest altitude of the mountain and is the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. It is located on the site of the former medieval town of Žrnov. The story of this monument began on October 17, 1914. An unknown Serbian soldier was killed near the old fortification. Appreciating his great courage, the German soldiers buried him with honors at that place and placed the inscription: "An unknown Serbian soldier".

Monument to Soviet military veterans

In 1964, the place where the plane carrying the delegation of Soviet Union officials, led by Marshal Biryuzov, who participated in the battles for the liberation of Belgrade, crashed, is marked by a monument in the form of a broken airplane wing. The words are written on the monument:
"Soviet heroes, our war comrades and friends died here in a plane crash on the morning of October 19, 1964. 
In October 1944, they fought here for the freedom of Belgrade. Here, in October 1964, they entered the legend of our city. They become a sign of brotherhood and common struggle."

Monument to Vasa Čarapić

In the vicinity of the Čarapić Brest mountain lodge, do not miss to visit two monuments dedicated to the Duke of Karađorđe, Vasa Čarapić. One is cast in bronze and the other in wood, with characteristic scenes from the First Serbian Uprising.


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